Building Construction Projects

Project   Type of Building   Consultant   Contractor
Kings County Academy P-8
  new P-8 school   Fowler Bauld Mitchell   Bird Construction
Waverley - L.C. Skerry Elementary School
  New P-6 Elementary School to replace two existing schools on same site   Mike Harvey   Bird Construction
Consolidated Memorial High School
  New High School   WHW Architects   Maxim 2000 Inc.
Bluenose Academy
  New Elementary-Middle School   WHW Architects   Bird Construction
Lakeview Elementary
Porter's Lake
  New Elementary School   Fowler Bauld Mitchell   Avondale Construction Ltd.
Secure Treatment Facility
  Gymnasium Addition and New Level 3 Facility   J. K. Dobbs & Associates Ltd   Bird Construction
Provincial Medical Examiners' Facility
  New Provincial Morgue   Fowler Bauld Mitchell    
Provincial Building Renovation
  Interior Renovation and Masonry Repair   L. Paul Hebert   APM Construction Services Inc.
Atlantic Centre for Agri Innovations
Bible Hill
  New Agricultural Technology Research Facility   CBCL   Avondale Construction Ltd.
Bedford High School   New High School   WHW Architects    
Northeast Nova Scotia Correctional Facility
  New correctional facility   JDA Architects