Bond Forms

Note to all Surety Providers

The Department of Public Works has updated the master DPW Province of Nova Scotia Bid Bond, Payment Bond, Performance Bond and Contract Maintenance Bond forms. Among other changes the new bond forms reflect the department's name, "Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (DTIR)". These new forms may be used immediately to provide the required Bid Security and Performance Assurance on Province of Nova Scotia construction contracts.

As formally accepted, where DTIR Province of Nova Scotia forms are required for Bid Security, or Performance Assurance for building Construction projects, the Minister will accept bonds on security company's letterhead providing the wording and punctuation is identical to the wording of the Province of Nova Scotia form. Also, where bid bonds are required for Bid Security, the Minister will also accept bid bonds on the CCDC Bid Bond form 2002 version.

Please note, Bid Bond requirements for electronic bidding on highway and bridge construction projects will remain unchanged, but the new Payment Bond, Performance Bond and Contract Maintenance Bond forms attached shall be required.

In order to allow a period of transition, old Bond forms (or wording) will continue to be accepted until further notice. However, surety agents are asked to review the document thoroughly to become familiar with the changes and to update their master letterhead surety forms as soon as possible.

Contact the Specifications Writer, Public Works, at (902) 424-5406

Bond forms are to be printed on legal sized paper.

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