Self-Managed Care

Continuing Care

Self-Managed Care

The Self-Managed Care Program allows people with physical disabilities to hire their own care providers and develop their own care plans, which gives them control over the services they need and the providers they choose. In addition, clients may appoint a third party “Care Manager” to act on their behalf in carrying out these tasks.

What is a care provider?

A care provider is a person hired by someone with a physical disability to assist them with daily and routine activities such as bathing, dressing, preparing meals and taking medication.

What is a care manager?

A care manager is an unpaid person appointed by the Self- Managed Care client to carrying-out the management and administrative duties of their care.

Who can benefit from this program?

Anyone aged 19 years or older, with a physical disability and in stable health, who requires assistance with the routine activities of daily living, is eligible to apply for the Self-Managed Care Program.

You must be able to fully participate in decisions and arrangements about your own care requirements, and enter into a legal agreement with the Nova Scotia Health Authority and Continuing Care.

What do I need to know about hiring a care provider?

Self-Managed Care funding goes toward the hiring, training, managing, supervising and payment of a care provider. Essentially, you are your care provider’s boss.

The Department of Health and Wellness does not state required qualifications for care providers, but you cannot hire family members as your care providers.

How will I know how to do everything that’s expected of me?

The Self-Managed Care Orientation Session and the client guide, will tell you everything you need to know.

Can my program funding be adjusted or stopped?

f your situation changes, a Care Coordinator can recommend modifications o your funding. Program funding can be stopped when a request is received within 30 days by either you or your Care Coordinator.

Continuing Care may stop funding if a client does not meet the conditions of their agreement.

Policies and Standards

The  Department of Health and Wellness, Continuing Care Division has created  policies and monitoring standards to ensure that there is a consistent quality  of care for those who need services outside of the hospital, in  their home, or in the community.

Visit Policies and Standards page.