Pre-Employment Questionnaire

If you are successful following the job interview & employment references you will be asked to complete the below questionnaire during the last phase of the selection process. You will meet with a recruitment officer to review your answers.

Please review the questionnaire very carefully to determine if you have the personal characteristics (reliability, suitability and integrity) necessary that will enable you to succeed in this position.

Your decision to complete the Pre-employment Questionnaire is voluntary and you may stop the application or withdraw from the process at any time.

Deceit, dishonesty or non-disclosure at any point in the application process may result in your removal from the competition and/or future employment opportunities.

If you disclose information in relation to a serious criminal offence, Correctional Services may disclose the information for a law enforcement purpose.

The information collected will be kept confidential and may be disclosed pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Pre-Employment Questionnaire

  1. Have you previously been employed with the Province of Nova Scotia or any other provincial or federal agency?
  2. Do you have any experience working with Sheriff Services, Correctional Services and/or any other law enforcement agency?
  3. Have you previously applied to work with Sheriff Services or Correctional Services with the Province of Nova Scotia?
  4. Can you describe your career path including dates, organizations and positions to date?
  5. Can you describe your decision to leave your past or current employer?
  6. Can you please describe your volunteer work, including dates, organizations and positions to date? If we need to verify this, can you provide references?
  7. Correctional Service positions are extremely sensitive because of the secure nature of the position; knowledge of any misconduct is relevant. Can you describe the circumstances under which you have been dismissed or asked to resign from a job?
  8. Shift work is a requirement of Correctional Services work. Have you ever worked shift work? Please describe.
  9. Are you willing to work shift work?
  10. Correctional Officers are required to hold a valid motor vehicle license. Do you have a valid license?
  11. Please describe your driving record including major collisions, and any charges laid? (for example, Motor Vehicle Act, Criminal Code of Canada)
  12. Have you ever engaged in reckless driving, speeding or operation of motor vehicles, including but not limited to All Terrain Vehicles or boats? If so were you under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Have you ever been arrested or convicted for this behavior?
  13. Correctional Officers must demonstrate respect for the rule of law, as members of the criminal justice system. Correctional Services employees are expected to contribute to the good order, safety and security of their work environment and to promote public confidence in Correctional Services.
    a. Have you ever committed a criminal offence for which you have not been charged?
    b. If yes, were you under the influence of alcohol or drugs when you committed the offence?
  14. Have you ever used an illegal drug?
  15. Have you ever used a prescription drug which was not prescribed for you by a physician?
  16. Have you ever sold or used non-prescription steroids?
  17. Have you ever purchased, sold, grown, manufactured or imported illegal drugs, unless under the authority of a medical marijuana permit?
  18. Have you ever been charged for any offence involving trafficking, importing drugs or a controlled substance?
  19. Do you knowingly associate with anyone (including family) who uses, sells or distributes illegal drugs or prescription drugs?
  20. Candidates with large debt are more susceptible to influence by the criminal element. Do you currently owe significant debt?
  21. Have you ever committed an act of domestic abuse?
  22. Have you ever been investigated, charged, and/or convicted of an offence of domestic violence for which you did not receive a pardon?
  23. Have you ever been refused a firearm permit or had a permit revoked?
  24. Have you ever had sex with someone without their consent?
  25. Have you ever committed sexual assault?
  26. Have you ever viewed, possessed, stored, produced or downloaded images of child pornography?
  27. As a person over the age of consent, have you ever knowingly communicated with a person under age of consent for the purpose of pursuing activities of a sexual nature?
  28. Have you ever been arrested?
  29. Have you been wanted, investigated and/or arrested, charged and/or convicted of any criminal offence in Canada or in another country?
  30. Have you ever had a court order for a criminal matter issued against you?
  31. Have you ever knowingly associated with anyone engaged in any level of criminal activity?
  32. Have you ever lied under oath?
  33. Have you ever stolen property or knowingly purchased stolen property?
  34. Have you ever willingly damaged or destroyed an employer’s property including purposely hacking into or corrupting data on a computer system?
  35. Have you ever changed your name, used or gone by any other name (nickname) or used variations of your existing name or maiden name?