Basic Forest Fire Suppression Course - Online Lessons

Lesson 1 - Fireline Organization Quiz

1. What “system” is used in Nova Scotia to manage wildfires?

a) Large Fire Organization
b) Incident Command System
c) Instant Command System
d) NR&R Fire Control

2. In this system, what is the title of the overall supervisor?

a) Fire Commander
b) Instant Commander
c) Incident Commander
d) Fire Boss

3. The logistics Section Chief is responsible for:

a) Procurement of equipment costs.
b) Tactical strategies for Branch Director
c) Providing adequate service and support.
d) Preparing an Incident Action Plan.

4. The Incident Command System can be used to manage:

a) Major people gathering events (Formula 1 racing)
b) Large environmental disasters (hurricanes)
c) Small scale wildland fire incident.
d) All the above.