Basic Forest Fire Suppression Course - Online Lessons

Lesson 2 - Fundamentals of Forest Fire Control Quiz

1. Name the elements of the fire triangle.


2. Fire assessment is conducted before suppression begins.

a) True
b) False

3. Water application is the only suppression method.

a) True
b) False

4. Heat is transfered by what means.

a) Convection, conduction and matches
b) Convection, radiation and lightning
c) Radiation, conduction and convection
d) Combustion, consumption and radiation

5. First priority for values at risk is always.

a) Crown fire
b) Christmas tree plantation
c) Human life
d) Schools and hospitals

6. Fuel consumption occurs on which level.

a) Combustion stage
b) Surface
c) Convection column

7. Important factors that determine ignition temperature.

a) Size of fuel
b) Amount of heat applied
c) Fuel moisture content
d) All the above

8. Combustion occurs when.

a) Fuel temperatures rise as moisture evaporates
b) Fuels begin to char
c) Open flame is visible