Basic Forest Fire Suppression Course - Online Lessons


6.8 - 18 Watchout Situations

  1. Fire not scouted and sized up.
  2. In country not seen during daylight.
  3. Safety zones and escape routes not identified.
  4. Unfamiliar with weather and local factors influencing fire behavior.
  5. Uninformed on strategy, tactics, and hazards.
  6. Instructions and assignments not clear.
  7. No communications link with crew members/supervisor.
  8. Constructing fire line without safe anchor points.
  9. Building fire line downhill with fire below.
  10. Attempting frontal assault on fire.
  11. Unburned fuel between you and the fire.
  12. Cannot see main fire, not in contact with anyone who can.
  13. On a hillside where rolling material can easily ignite fuel below.
  14. Weather is getting hotter and drier.
  15. Wind increases and/or changes direction.
  16. Getting frequent spot fires across line.
  17. Terrain and fuels make escape route to safety zone difficult.
  18. Taking a nap on the fire line.

Each rule or guideline is supposed to raise a flag and the more that are raised the more there is to be concerned about. As conditions of crew safety begin to deteriorate, there is a need to make everyone aware of a developing problem.

6.1 Power Line Safety
6.2 Aircraft Safety
6.3 Water Drop Safety
6.4 Heavy Equipment Safety
6.5 Personal Protective Equipment
6.7 - 10 Standard Fire Order's
6.8 - 18 Watchout Situations
6.9 Personal Care Issues
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