Basic Forest Fire Suppression Course - Online Lessons

Lesson 4 - Forest Fire Suppression Tools Quiz

1. When using a shovel always ensure the following:

a) Before using, check for cracks in the handle.
b) Can be used for digging.
c) Must be carried at your side
d) All the above

2. A combination grubbing and cutting tool is

a) Pick axe
b) Pulaski
c) Axeman
d) Grub hoe

3. What is a safe distance for crew members using a pulaski while limbing

a) Two feet
b) One kilometer
c) Three meters
d) Three feet

4. A great mop up tool combination

a) Pulaski and fog nozzle
b) Foam inductor and water thief
c) Gas can and matches
d) Pulaski or shovel and back tank

5. Can the Wajax Mk 3 be easily flooded

a) True
b) False

6. Start up and cool down time for the Wajax Mk 3 is

a) 45 seconds
b) 2 minutes
c) 10 minutes
d) Not required

7. A pump unit consists of the following

a) Discharge hose, gas line, pump, intake hose
b) Discharge hose, gas line, pump, intake hose, tool box
c) Discharge hose, gas can, pump, intake hose
d) Discharge hose, gas can, pump, intake hose, tool box

8. With the cut out switch in the out position, will the Wajax Mk 3 run

a) Yes
b) No

9. Class A Foam capabilities are:

a) Hydrates fuels and depletes oxygen supply
b) Smothers oxygen, isolates fuels, insulates fuel source
c) Increases surface area standards
d) Decreases solution tension

10. Foam increases surface tension and increases water effectiveness by how much

a) 3 to 10 times
b) Not at all
c) 10 to 20%
d) 3 to 10%

11. Precautions when using Class A foam

a) Breathing equipment not required in a confined area
b) Avoid contact with charged hose line
c) Wear CSA approved leather boots
d) It may be necessary to secure foam container near water

12. Before using a back tank pump, check for a screen or filter in the nozzle tip

a) True
b) False