Basic Forest Fire Suppression Course - Online Lessons


6.5 Personal Protective Equipment

When working on a forest fire in Nova Scotia there are Occupational Health & Safety requirements that must be met. The following must be worn during suppression activities.

  1. Hard Hat Helmet - Hard hats must be CSA approved and in good repair with no cracks or dents. Never modify your hard hat; (eg. Do not place decals, paint or fly repellant on them). Ensure the hat fits well and periodically clean the harness.

  2. Safety Boots - Boots must have a steel cap toe and also a steel shank. Boots should also give good ankle support, at least 8" high uppers and be comfortable; a full day of discomfort is very tiring.

  3. Hand Protection - Leather gloves must be worn during suppression activities. Gloves will protect your hands from many possible injuries (small cuts, scrapes or burns) while working around the fire line or too close to heat sources.

  4. Eye Protection - Glasses, goggles or safety screens will protect your eyes from: branches, dirt, water spray, flying debris, wood chips, and burning embers.