Basic Forest Fire Suppression Course - Online Lessons


5.2 - 3 Person Nozzle Crew

With this method there is one nozzle person, one hose handler and one hose layer. The crew leader makes decisions as to where the line should be layed. The nozzle person applies the water and controls the speed of line being layed out . The hose handler assists the nozzle person when moving the hose by using the hose strangler, coupling hose together or apart and assists the nozzle person by handling the hose. The third person on the crew is the hose layer, and they are responsible for laying out hose, handling hose when necessary and ensuring that there is hose available as required.

Three Person Nozzle Crew - 1 Nozzle Person - 1 Hose Handler -1 Hose Layer

5.2 - 4 Person Nozzle Crew

This system is identical to the 3 person nozzle crew, but with an additional hose handler helping move/manoeuver the hose.

Four Person Nozzle Crew - 1 Nozzle Person - 2 Hose Handlers - 1 Hose Layer