Public Consultation Summary Report - Summary of Results

Berwick (Kings County) Public Comments

In section 4 all the public and stakeholder submissions and comments have been summarized and categorized. The verbatim submissions will be used by the Department of Natural Resources. They are not being published due to privacy issues. As mentioned, some well-organized groups were better at getting members out to sessions and that is reflected in some of the numbers around points.

*Attendance: 49
*Includes comments from paper questionnaires and flip charts
*Numbers indicate the number of individuals who supported a comment or made an identical comment (the number indicates the total number of times that comment was made and/or supported)

How can we best use the 1.5 million acres of Crown land and the associated resources in the Western Region to most beneficially and sustainably grow and diversify Nova Scotia's economy?

Forestry (23)

  • Encourage community forestry 2
  • Identify valuable non-timber forest products (NTFP) including but not limited to ground hemlock, medical mushrooms, fiddleheads, tamoxifen etc. and explore potential natural cultivation of NTFPs 2
  • If harvesting for bio-fuel ensure bark is left on site to maintain nutrient level in soil
  • Establish provincial reputation for sustainable harvested lumber/flooring
  • Ensure education on use sustainable forestry practices
  • The work that was done with the individual woodlot owners in the 1980-90s was well done (good co-operation, best practices, well taught also in schools. This should be considered for all lands
  • Silviculture treatments to all stands un-evenly managed
  • Cap clear cut maximums or reduce minimums
  • Restore Forests to a healthy state, mixed stands, uneven age management
  • Selective harvesting
  • Forest industry
  • Silviculture, low-impact harvesting, more studies for selection/selective harvesting
  • Eliminating the clear cut approach to harvesting
  • Sustainable small forestry practice
  • Promote Hardwood forestry
  • Promote the wood-pellet industry
  • Selective forestry management
  • Allow private to lease small lands for personal firewood harvesting
  • Some Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP’s) are more valuable than the trees they grow on. Some grow on dead wood. it is hard and enjoyable work that can be seasonal or all year. It can also supplement employment. Education on sustainable practices would be required, although cultivation in canopied stands is a viable option with our hard woods and climate
  • Do not use these lands for Biomass energy production
  • Phase out clear cutting below 50% regulation as set now
  • Allow clear cutting to eliminate the softwood stands that have been planted and use silviculture to bring back the mixed Acadian forest as much as possible
  • Do not allow whole tree harvesting at all as this will only impoverish the forest further

Broad Policy (20)

  • The areas can be responsibly managed as to their resources through local companies. A local company tends to look after their own back yard
  • Engage the community in a transparent and formal basis. Based on principals of endowment that can provide a large number of benefits on an ongoing basis
  • Create employment opportunities
  • Continue to create multilayered, diverse plan
  • Do not sell or licenses sections to large companies as we will be back to boom and bust
  • Keep big picture in mind
  • This is a resource to be kept for generations to benefit all Nova Scotians
  • Jobs in forestry and tourism
  • I think the question is premature. Let the communities determine the use and future with one overriding condition: sustainability
  • Most of this land should be managed for economic benefit
  • Good practices will make good roads and landscapes that are productive and resourceful with both education, economics and recreations. Would do this through the most productive scenic area
  • Healthy forestry practices
  • Consider these lands as more than trees + minerals
  • Asking for public input is great
  • Concerned that if licensed to multi-nationals land will be poorly managed
  • Create system of smaller scale tenders to qualified individuals or companies in the province to benefit the province and taxpayers. This would increase revenue and create equal opportunities
  • I think the municipal units can play a key role as the now do community consultation and outreach on many issues. Municipal units that have a small amount of crown land should be included in a co-operative model with units where crown land is in ample supply. NS students that are currently enrolled in forestry programs should be invited electronically to participate in developing this model of community forest as their combined input, education, will likely be necessary to help develop new models that avoid past mistakes. Municipal units should be actively courted for active participation in the process as potential success will augment their tax base
  • Keep education in schools on the importance of commercial and recreational co-operation for the good of the province
  • More public education on this topic
  • Healthy environment creates many benefits

Tourism and walking, skiing, canoeing and hunting/ fishing (17)

  • Wilderness lodge/camps for hunting and fishing 2
  • Eco-tourism 2
  • Have a multi-use trail network e.g. NFLD, Quebec, across Nova Scotia with Western loop – Halifax – Yarmouth return to growing economy 2
  • Guiding
  • More safe walking trails that link neighbouring communities and trails for: snowshoeing, cross country skiing, family activities, cycling, ATVs 2
  • Regulated hunting and fishing
  • Recreation
  • Wooded areas for hiking and biking
  • Wilderness camps for seniors
  • Encourage physical activity for people of all ages (link with health care costs)
  • Trail systems
  • Encourage use of lands for hunting, fishing, recreation and enjoy the economic spinoffs.
  • Hiking and canoeing in non-sensitive areas 2
  • Promote biking, nature walks, bird watching, wildflowers, animals) skiing, snowshoeing. Wilderness camping, dark sky tours. tour companies

Vehicular, ATV & snowmobile access (10)

In favour (7)

  • Establish ATV trails and snowmobile trails and charge a fee for use
  • Regulate access to roadways to minimize spring damage
  • Do not block ATV access
  • NS could be an ATV destination
  • Balance ATV use with Protection
  • ATV trails create economic benefits for businesses
  • Access with ATVs allows for forest management and prevention of forest fires

Against or policy suggestions (3)
  • I don’t see any snowmobile trails for tourism
  • Be prudent about increased road development
  • Do not allow much of this land to open to ATV/Skidoos these motorized vehicles damage the environment terribly. There are already lots of areas available for access

Protection (9)

  • Preserve some of the land for diversity and educate, ensuring a way around and it is marked
  • Create more Parks
  • Do not go to past in closing things with the land
  • Protect areas of significance/ sensitive areas
  • Preserve waterway ecosystems
  • Protect the environment is the first priority
  • All lakes adjacent crown land in western region should be restricted to non-motorized boats
  • Preserve enough land to enable wild animal corridors
  • Preserve enough land to preserve plant/animal/fish species native to the area

Food production/ agriculture/Other production (6)

  • If possible promote wild mushroom harvesting
  • Promote other berry type production
  • Develop agriculture/farming
  • Fur farms
  • On-land fish farms
  • Vineyards

Value Added Products (8)

  • Encourage Value added products
  • Bio-fuel
  • Sawmilling
  • Wildflowers
  • Mushroom harvesting
  • Finished wood products (flooring)
  • Partner with private sector to develop some form of value added industry which requires primary forest products to create employment 12/ year
  • Promote value added industry

Resource extraction/ other (4)

  • Very opposed to oil and gas extraction in the targeted area beyond Wolfville upwards of three miles plains
  • Discourage mining and mineral extraction such as gold mining
  • Fracking is not safe
  • Promote mining for rare minerals in areas of little population

Energy (2)

  • Explore wind turbine sites
  • Develop wind energy in areas where there is little population

Increase home-building/ Development (1)

  • Allow some lakes to be developed for cottages

Forestry (1)

  • Keep the land as working forest to keep forest industry operating

What activities would be the most effective use of Crown land in the Western Region that would generate the most sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits for your community and Nova Scotia? Where would you locate these activities on these Crown lands?

Tourism and walking, skiing, canoeing and hunting/ fishing (2)

  • Provide bus tour for a fee (not too expensive) to cape split for guided walk and other scenic or historic sites
  • Access to parks for people without cars and who can’t cycle, or not far. – say, a few bus tours to places like cape split, Kejimikujik, and historic places; bus would connect to Kings Transit or pick people where they live

Protection (2)

  • Would be nice to have access by way of the roads through the Pockwock watershed area during the winter months
  • Completely preserve the lake Rossignol watershed area for the public use. Canoeing, camping, hiking NON-motorized recreation. It is so close to Keji that they should be connected

Energy (1)

  • Consider solar industry in areas that are sunny with rocks (south east shore)

Forestry (1)

  • Most NTFPs are available in forests over 25-30 years. Silviculture can still take place while sustainable harvesting of NTFPs are harvested. Most viable in Annapolis west

What other points do you feel are the most important for the Department to consider as it develops the land and resource management plan?

Other/ Comments on Process (3)

  • Benefits to Nova Scotia
  • Permitting: Will permitting be required for hunting fishing access similar to permitting that was required by Bowater
  • People plan trips to NFLD and NB for ATV vacations