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All research reports are available free of charge by downloading the file. Simply click the report title to download the PDF version of the report.

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Forest Inventory Reports

  • Forest Utilization License Agreement. The Province of Nova Scotia signed a Forest Utilization License Agreement with Port Hawkesbury Paper, September 27, 2012.  This new agreement reflects government’s work to transform the forest industry in Nova Scotia.
  • Forest Inventory Permanent Sample Plot Field Measurement Methods and Specifications, 40 pages.
    Describes the data collection methods for merchantable trees, saplings, woody vegetation, coarse woody debris and other variables measured in randomly located permanent circular forest plots. This information will be used to describe tree growth and mortality and to address issues of Biodiversity, Ecosystem Management, Forest Protection and Wildlife Habitat.

   Newly Available Historic Reports  

Tree Identification

  • Identification of Nova Scotia Woody Plants in Winter, 56 pages . Illustrated key. James F. Donly.
  • Trees of Nova Scotia by Gary L. Saunders, 1996 (revised), 102 pages.
    Descriptions of native and exotic species, their uses, pests and where they grow. Illustrated, metricated. Also available from local retailers .

Woodlot Management and Reforestation

  • Managing Your Woodlot: A Growing Idea by Julia Clarke, Quita Grey and Margaret McLeod on behalf of the Maritime Woodlot Extension Committee, 1989, 11 pages. Tips for the novice woodlot manager.
  • Merchantable Thinning Manual (Softwoods), by Ronald G. Robertson and Robert W. Young, 1990, 48 pages. Primarily intended for woodlot owners, silvicultural contractors and their employees, although anyone thinning softwoods can benefit. Responses of eight native and one introduced species are considered aswell as appropriate techniques.
  • Nova Scotia Forest Practices, Produced under the Canada/N.S. General Development Agreement, Forest Subsidiary, 1966. Six panel, fullcolor, illustrated folders on basic silviculture and safety practices.