Permits, Approvals and Licences

Drivers Licence

Other Registry of Motor Vehicle services

Working on the roadside

You’ll need a permit. They’re required for any kind of construction on highway right-of-ways, including driveway construction.

Vehicle Overweight Permits

Contact Service Nova Scotia at 1-800-898-7668 (toll free within Nova Scotia) or (902) 424-5851. Or see the Special Move Permit: Overweight information.

Operating a vehicle that is overdimensional

To inquire about permits for vehicles outside regulation in other ways, contact Service Nova Scotia at 1-800-898-7668 (toll free within Nova Scotia) or (902) 424-5851. or see the Special Move Permit: Over Dimension information.

Public Passenger License Administration and Enforcement

Inquiries should be addressed to:
Motor Carrier Division - Department of Public Works
(902) 424-3588 (general inquiries)
(902) 424-3589 (inspection related inquires)
(902) 422-1046 (fax)

Roadside Memorial

Memorial White Cross Guidelines and Permits

One-time roadside clean-up

If your group is interested in doing a one-time roadside clean-up, you'll need a Litter Clean-Up Permit. Contact your local Public Works base for the permit by calling 1-888-432-3233, or find a local number at Before you apply for the Litter Clean-Up Permit at this link, read the conditions and suggestions (requires Acrobat Reader) attached to the form. You may also be interested in becoming part of the Adopt-A-Highway program.

Events on highways

You need a permit to organize an event on a provincial highway.

Events include:

  • walkathons, pedestrian processions and fun runs
  • foot races
  • bikeathons and bicycle tour events
  • bicycle races
  • bicycle time trials
  • triathlons and duathlons
  • vehicle processions
  • parades
  • commercial filming
  • other events

The On-Highway Special Events Guide includes information on route selection, rules of operation, dress code, signing, marshalling, escort vehicles, event suspension and liabilities for these events.

To get a permit for your event, submit the On-highway event permit application to the area office for the location where your event will be held. Staff will contact you about your application within 10 business days.

Typical permit conditions for on-highway special events are available here. Given that each event is unique, at the time of approval the Traffic Authority may modify or add requirements or conditions specific to the individual event. Event organizers should discuss their event with the Traffic Authority if they have any questions regarding the requirements or conditions for their event.

Before you apply, you must discuss your event with local police to make sure they can support the event. Event organizers are also required to carry and maintain a minimum of $2 million liability insurance against third-party claims with a deductible $3,000 or less.

There is no fee for the permit.