Furbearers and Upland Game Program

Program Overview

The Furbearers and Upland Game Program is responsible for the management of various species of furbearing mammals and upland game, (i.e. snowshoe hare, ruffed grouse, ringnecked pheasants and Hungarian partridge). Activities include, as required, various population and habitat surveys, biological studies, biological collections from harvested species, analysis of harvest trends and liaison with user/interest groups. The synthesis of this information provides the framework for scientifically based decisions on regulatory management of harvested species, input for species and habitat management into the Integrated Resource Management process of NS Department of Lands and Forestry, and development of policies related to the management of furbearer and upland game species. This section actively promotes continual improvement on wild furbearer harvest tools and techniques. We represent DNR as a partner with the Trappers Association of Nova Scotia in the on-going development and delivery of the Fur Harvester Education Program. We are also active at the national and international level including in the implementation of humane trapping standards, as well as research and development of improved traps and trapping techniques. We are an active participant in the Northeast Furbearer Resources Technical Committee which deals with Regional Furbearer Management issues for the Canadian provinces and U.S. states of northeastern North America and in the Canadian Furbearer Management Committee which deals with national level furbearer management issues in Canada.

Outline of Current Projects

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