The Geoscience and Mines Branch offers a wide-range of information and services to support communities including:

  • Information about the value of mineral resources located within or adjacent to communities
  • Where mineral exploration and mining is taking place throughout Nova Scotia
  • Information about ongoing remediation of active and abandoned mine sites
  • Information about the significance and value of Nova Scotia’s geoheritage sites (e.g. Joggins Fossil Cliffs)
  • Data, maps and reports on groundwater resources, and the locations of water wells
  • Maps that illustrate the potential for geology related hazards to occur within a community (e.g. radon in dwellings, arsenic in drinking water, sinkholes)
  • Maps that illustrate the risk of coastal flooding
  • Advice about how our coastline is changing in response to coastal erosion
  • Workshops for municipal planners on how to access and use the information and services provided by the Geoscience and Mines Branch.