Warwick Mountain (Eastern Cobequid Highlands) Project

The Warwick Mountain Project


Over several years, several Nova Scotia geologists have worked to examine the area between Wentworth and Warwick Mountain. The result is a package of data released at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention in 2018. The data includes a detailed bedrock map, a large suite of bedrock samples with analyses by portable XRF, lab assays and lithogeochemistry, a new surficial geology map, a till geochemical survey with samples taken on a 1 km grid, and a high-density stream sediment (silt) geochemical dataset. More information is available on the project information page.

These data are part of an initiative to conduct a geological mapping program across the recently discovered (2011) and underexplored belt of low-sulphidation epithermal gold potential in Carboniferous bimodal volcanic rocks of the Byers Brook and Diamond Brook formations. Interested companies and explorationists will be invited to submit exploration proposals on the project area. A Call for Proposals for Exploration is expected in 2019. Proposals will be scored on the basis of the exploration plan and budget, the applicant’s history with regulatory compliance, their corporate exploration expertise, and their plans for community engagement.