Cultural Sites

Miners' museums at Springhill, Glace Bay and elsewhere have particularly close ties to community and are uniquely poised to establish links between culture and geology, as are First Nations interpretation centres that draw links between the Earth and spiritual traditions.

Amos Seaman School Museum
The Amos Seaman School Museum is an original Acadian one-room school house, that houses a collection of photos, documents and models commemorating the life and achievements of Amos "King" Seaman.
Cape Breton Miners Museum
Situated on one of the most picturesque coasts of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, the Miners' Museum pays tribute to the region's long and rich history of coal mining.
Inverness Miners Museum
Established in 1977, the Museum presents the coal-mining history of the area in five rooms of displays. The collection reflects the pioneering and mining history of the community from 1803 to the 19th- and 20th-century mining eras.
Moose River Gold Mines
The park is a historic site marking the spot of the 1936 gold mines disaster that left three men trapped inside the mining shaft at the 141 foot level.
Museum of Industry
Find out what happened in Nova Scotia, where an abundance of coal, the fuel of the Industrial Age, powered a province.
Sydney Mines Heritage Museum
Experience the rich history of Sydney Mines in our restored 1905 train station. See displays on the region's 200 year history of coal mining, steel making and transportation.
Springhill Miners Museum
Displays of mining equipment, tours of the wash house and lamp cabin are just a few of the things that one can experience at the Tour a Mine, Springhill Miners' Museum.