Information on Gypsum and Anhydrite in Nova Scotia

Gypsum and Anhydrite Resources in Nova Scotia

Cover photo of Economic Geology Report 1991-001.
Gypsum and anhydrite have been produced for exportation in Nova Scotia for over 200 years. A total of 6.3 Mt of gypsum and anhydrite were produced by six companies from eight sites in the Province in 1987. Nova Scotia is the world's most productive gypsum mining area and yet little information was available, at the outset of this project, regarding the Province's gypsum and anhydrite resources. ...

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Identification and Economic Assessment of Business Opportunities that Could Add Value to Nova Scotia’s Gypsum Resources

Nova Scotia's gypsum resources are second to none in North America in terms of quantity and quality. Annual production, at its peak in 2005, amounted to about 9.6 million tonnes, accounting for more than 90% of Canada's total gypsum output. In that year, Canada ranked fourth (by weight) among gypsum-producing nations of the world. ...

The Economic Impact of the Mineral Industry in Nova Scotia

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