Warwick Mountain (Eastern Cobequid Highlands) Project

At the PDAC on March 5, 2018, the Geoscience and Mines Branch released a data stick with all the reports, maps and datasets being released for the project, as well as other information. Below is a listing of all the data folders and files present on this stick, available as ZIP file downloads:

Folder Zip Files Transfer Size Size on Disk
Assessment Report Archive
947 MB
980 MB
Consultation Guidelines
10 MB
10 MB
Flyers and Newletters
65 MB
71 MB
GIS Data
625 MB
870 MB
11 MB
11 MB
416 MB
466 MB
92 MB
106 MB
240 MB
240 MB

For the most up-to-date versions of the GIS data go to https://novascotia.ca/natr/meb/warwick/data.asp.