Nova Scotia Real-Time Shallow Aquifer Monitoring Network

The Nova Scotia Real-Time Shallow Aquifer Monitoring Network is a community-based, real-time groundwater monitoring network for tracking water levels in shallow aquifers. The network monitors groundwater levels in dug wells which are typically less than 8 m deep. The network relies on community volunteers to install the meters in their wells and provide access to their home WiFi network. As such, most of the wells in the network are active water wells that are being used by homeowners for their water supply.

The water level meters used in the network are low-cost (Can$200), custom built units that use an ultrasonic sensor to measure the depth to the water table. The sensor is connected to an Internet of Things device that transmits daily water level data to the Internet via WiFi or cellular connection. The water level data for each water well is graphed in real-time and is available immediately for online viewing and download.

Results from the monitoring network and instructions for building the meters are provided here:

aquifer network