The Nova Scotia Drillhole and Drill Core Database

The Drillhole and Drill Core Database is maintained by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Geoscience and Mines Branch (GMB). A digital product is also created periodically by the GMB staff. There are two search applications for this database that deal with the specifics of drillhole versus drill core data. Where a link exists between a drillhole and drill core data, cross references are clear in search reports.

The drillhole collar coordinates noted in the database are in Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Projection, Zone 20, North American Datum (NAD) 1983. Older datums are sometimes noted as well.

Drillhole Search Application

The drillhole data in the database are derrived from published drillhole information for the province of Nova Scotia. This includes information contained in publicly available mineral exploration assessment reports, open file reports and other GMB and Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) publications. The database provides approximate coordinate locations for many of the drillholes, and also provides source references for each drillhole.

The drillhole data can be searched by location, county, claim reference map, tract, company name, company hole number, government drillhole number, report number, year, overburden depth, hole depth, target commodity, minerals found, stratigraphic unit, whether the core is available at the Core Library in Stellarton, Drillhole ID (DHID), Reference ID (RID) and Core ID (CID). 

Note that drillhole data are incomplete at the present time and more drillholes will be available to search in later releases. There are currently over 27,000 drillholes in the database with over 35,000 references.

Search Drillhole Data

Drillhole Search Application

Drill Core Search Application

The drill core search application allows users to search the drill core holdings at the Core Library facilities in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. Currently the database only contains information on drill core, but in time it will also include other types of samples derived from drilling, such as cuttings from rotary holes and overburden samples.

The drill core data can be searched by location, county, claim reference map, company name, company hole number, year, Core ID and Drillhole ID

The drill core data are constantly being updated, with old records being modified and new ones added. There are currently 7858 drill core records in the database for 6686 drillholes.

Search Drill Core Data

Drillhole Search Application