NR&R Reports Uranium and Related Radionuclides

Map Showing Uranium and Related Radionuclides in Groundwater in Nova Scotia

The Environmental Geology Program of the Geological Services Division includes a project studying the distribution of naturally occurring radionuclides in rocks, water and air throughout the province. Part of this project consisted of an examination of the variation of uranium and its related radionuclides radon, radium and lead in groundwater aquifers.
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Naturally Occurring Radionuclides in Nova Scotia′s Rocks, Water and Air

Few subjects catch the attention of the public more than radiation and radioactivity. The mere inference that radiation is an issue somewhere invokes an immediate, sometimes almost hysterical response that is sure to receive media attention. Nova Scotia has had its share of radiation issues involving elevated levels of radionuclides like uranium (U) and radon (Rn) in our waters and the air within our living spaces.
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