NR&R Reports Radon

Radon Soil Gas in the Halifax Regional Municipality: Progress Report on the 2009 Sampling Program

Radon is a very mobile and naturally occurring, odourless, and colourless radioactive gas. Human exposure to radon has been linked to increased incidences of lung cancer. Radon is produced during the natural radioactive decay of uranium. Uranium is found in varying concentrations in all soil and rock (and other sample media including lake bottom sediments, stream sediments, lake water, stream water, vegetation, etc.) throughout Nova Scotia.
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Radon Soil Gas associated With the C2 Zone, Millet Brook Uranium District (NTS 21A/16)

The Millet Brook uranium district is located approximately 5 km northwest of Vaughan, Hants County (Fig. 1). Aquitaine Canada Limited discovered Millet Brook in 1978 by following up airborne (helicopter) radiometric anomalies (Interdepartmental Uranium Committee, 1994). Detailed geochemical and geophysical surveys combined with trenching and diamond drilling lead to the discovery of numerous uranium occurrences.
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Radon Soil Gas in Nova Scotia

The North American Soil Geochemical Landscapes Project (NASGLP; cf. Goodwin et al., 2009b) is a trinational initiative involving federal, provincial and state geological surveys of Canada, the United States and Mexico and will produce the first continental-scale map of the soil geochemistry of North America. The program will provide a comprehensive continental-scale framework of inorganic, organic and microbiological soil geochemical data as well as radiometric data.
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