One of the Greatest Treasures - The Geology & History of Coal in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
Mineral Resources Branch
Information Circular ME 25, 1993

By J. H. Calder, K. S. Gillis, D. J. MacNeil, R. D. Naylor and N. Watkins Campbell

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Table of Contents

  • Cover and Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • The Origin of Coal
  • The Coalfields of Nova Scotia
    • Major Coalfields
      • Sydney Coalfield
      • Pictou Coalfield
      • Cumberland Basin Coalfields
    • Other Coalfields
      • St. Rose-Chimney Corner
      • Mabou-Inverness
      • Debert-Kemptown
  • Pioneers of Nova Scotia Coal Geology
  • A Brief History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia
  • Glossary
  • Suggested reading
  • Appendix