The Nova Scotia Mineral Occurrence Database (MODB)

The Mineral Resources Branch of the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources maintains an inventory of the mineral occurrences in the province. This Mineral Occurrence Database (MODB) is a computer-based inventory of metallic and industrial mineral occurrences. For our purposes, a mineral occurrence is defined as any location where a naturally-occurring concentration of a mineral(s), rock or surficial material is found that occurs in a concentration above the norm such that it may be of interest to the Departments varied clientele. We realize that what is a "normal concentration" is a subjective term and prone to individual interpretation. It is our intention to include as occurrences any location where factors occur that would be of interest to the mineral exploration industry or our other clients including geotechnical professionals, mineral and rock collectors, naturalists, the construction industry and the general public.

Mineral occurrences would include:

  • mineral occurrences sensu stricto (i.e. ranging from small concentrations of a mineral(s) up to well defined and mineable mineral deposits;
  • locations of a seemingly non-economic mineral commodity that may be an indication of the presence of another commodity of economic interest (e.g. a location of well developed sericite alteration suggesting the nearby presence of other commodities of more economic value);
  • sub-surface mineralization intersected by diamond-drilling;
  • occurrences of mineralized boulders, glacial till, soil or other surficial material containing mineralization.

The Mineral Occurrence Database contains information for upwards of 3,000 mineral occurrences but it must be stressed that this does not represent all of the known mineral occurrences in the province. The database is continually being updated with new mineral occurrence entries as well as additional information added to entries already contained within it.

Although the Mineral Occurrence Database is structured to contain information on occurrences of coal, at present there are only a few coal occurrences included.