A Virtual Field Trip of the Landscapes of Nova Scotia

Air Wolf: Ralph Stea

Hop in and join Dr. Ralph (alias Air Wolf) on a scenic virtual flight around Nova Scotia. In the fantastic world of cyberspace we will enjoy some spectacular vistas from the air and occasionally land to look at the geology up close and personal.

Let's fly to:

Nova Scotia.

Click on the stop you would like to visit.

  • red balls -> field stop locations and chopper landing sites
  • arrows -> passing Views from the Chopper
Nova Scotia
Stop1 Lake William Bedrock Near Grand Lake Vista1 Vista2 Vista3 Stop2 Stop3 Stop4 Stop5 Stop6 Stop7 Stop8 Tidal Bore Sand Cove Ragged Reef Point Stop9 Stop10 Stop11 Stop12 Stop13 Stop14 Stop15 Stop16 Stop17 Stop18 Stop19 Stop20 Stop21

Image courtesy of Tim Webster (COGS) see maps for further info.


  • Fly with Air Wolf to the finest example of raised beaches in the province (vista of the month 1) (scenic vignettes of the geology and landscapes of Nova Scotia)
  • Or fly to the finest example of eskers in the Province of Nova Scotia (vista of the month 2)
  • Look at the Parrsboro outwash delta and glaciated valley (vista of the month 3)
  • Take a tour of the Great Ditch of Nova Scotia, where we can see evidence of the advance of glaciers from the Gulf of St. Lawrence as recently as 13,000 years ago! (Geology of the Sable Island gas pipeline excavation)

Reading Material

Go to our reading rooms for more information on how the landscapes of Nova Scotia have developed since the age of the dinosaurs, and how some useful mineral deposits have been formed in the process.

Landscape discussion forum

Any questions about Nova Scotia landscapes? Disagree with Air Wolf? Get your licks in! Join the landscape discussion forum.


  • Information about your pilot (metaphorically speaking) and host
  • Link to download the 1:250000 scale digital provincial surficial geology map with lots of glacial data!
  • Link to digital 1:50000 scale surficial geology maps and map reports (under construction)
  • Links to other websites on the landscapes and glacial geology of Nova Scotia