Nova Scotia Geoscience Atlas

The purpose of the Nova Scotia Geoscience Atlas online interactive map is to provide the public with a single geographic compilation of geoscience maps, databases and images created and maintained by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (NSNR&R), Geoscience and Mines Branch

The interactive map displays a number of layers including:

  • Geological Map of the Province of Nova Scotia (DP ME 043)
  • Surficial Geology Map of the Province of Nova Scotia (DP ME 036)
  • Grids for Mineral Claims, Tracts and Petroleum Reservations in Nova Scotia (DP ME 009 and DP ME 012)
  • Nova Scotia Mineral Rights Database (DP ME 493)
  • Nova Scotia Mineral Occurrence Database (DP ME 002)
  • Nova Scotia Drillholes Database (DP ME 003)
  • Nova Scotia Abandoned Mine Openings Database (DP ME 010)
  • Shaded Relief Images of Nova Scotia (25 m) (DP ME 056)
  • Coal Seams and Workings

Staff Contact – Jeff Poole