Warwick Mountain (Eastern Cobequid Highlands) Project

Relevant Assessment Reports covering all or part of the Warwick Mountain Project Area.

Pre-1980: Organized by 1:50,000 NTS sheet
Post-1980: Organized by year

Warwick Mountain Project Area Past Assessment Reports
NTS/Year Company AR Link
11E/11A Wyoming Minerals AR_ME_11E11A_54-D-67_01_433183
11E/11B Gulf Minerals AR_ME_11E11B_54-D-16_02_sn1_433056
11E/11B Gulf Minerals AR_ME_11E11B_54-D-16_01_433048
11E/11B Gulf Minerals Canada AR_ME_11E11B_54-D-16_03_433420
11E/11B Noranda Exploration Company AR_ME_11E11B_13-D-57_01_431887
11E/11C Bancroft AR_ME_11E11C_13-D-45_00_430276
11E/12A Gulf Minerals AR_ME_11E12A_07-D-64_01_433053
11E/12D Gulf Minerals AR_ME_11E12D_54-E-52_03_433419
11E/12D Gulf Minerals AR_ME_11E12D_54-E-52_02_433054
11E/12D Gulf Minerals AR_ME_11E12D_54-E-52_01_433047
1980 Gulf Minerals AR_ME_1980-009
1980 Gulf Minerals AR_ME_1980-010
1981 Gulf Minerals AR_ME_1981-027
1981 Gulf Minerals Canada AR_ME_1981-027
1990 Seabright Exploration AR_ME_1990-165
1995 Don Black AR_ME_1995-071
2004 Cobequid Gold Corp AR_ME_2004-092
2004 Cobequid Gold Corp AR_ME_2004-115
2004 Cobequid Gold Corp AR_ME_2004-093
2006 Elk Exploration Limited AR_ME_2006-161
2006 Elk Exploration Limited AR_ME_2006-162
2008 Tripple Uranium AR_ME_2008-051
2008 Minotaur AR_ME_2008-181
2008 Minotaur Atlantic Exploration AR_ME_2008-181
2008 Alpha Uranium AR_ME_2008-219
2008 Alpha Uranium AR_ME_2008-220
2008 Tripple Uranium Resources AR_ME_2008-146
2009 Minotaur AR_ME_2009-077
2009 Tripple Uranium AR_ME_2009-034
2009 Alpha Uranium AR_ME_2009-110
2010 Alpha Uranium AR_ME_2010-121
2010 Clear Lake Resources AR_ME_2010-124
2011 Capella Resources AR_ME_2011-052
2011 Blackfly Exploration and Mining AR_ME_2011-107
2011 Blackfly Exploration and Mining AR_ME_2011-145
2011 Clear Lake Resources AR_ME_2011-015
2011 Matthew Sacco AR_ME_2011-108
2011 Clear Lake Resources AR_ME_2011-136
2011 Clear Lake Resources AR_ME_2011-137
2011 Clear Lake Resources AR_ME_2011-138
2011 Elk Exploration AR_ME_2011-139
2012 Jim Michaelis AR_ME_2012-013
2012 Sugarloaf Resources AR_ME_2012-093
2012 Sugarloaf Resources AR_ME_2012-154
2012 Jim Michaelis AR_ME_2012-012
2012 NSU Resources AR_ME_2012-016
2012 Clear Lake Resources AR_ME_2012-017
2012 Clear Lake Resources AR_ME_2012-018
2012 Celtic Tiger Mineral Exploration AR_ME_2012-049
2012 Sugarloaf Resources AR_ME_2012-077
2012 NS Gold Corporation AR_ME_2012-155
2012 Elk Exploration AR_ME_2012-165
2012 Clear Lake Resources AR_ME_2012-167
2013 Clear Lake Resources AR_ME_2013-014
2013 Sugarloaf Resources AR_ME_2013-064