Rewards for Major Unsolved Crimes

The Department of Justice is offering cash rewards of up to $150,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person(s) responsible for specified major unsolved crimes.

Unsolved cases are submitted by the policing agency of jurisdiction to the Department of Justice for consideration and approval into the Rewards for Major Unsolved Crimes Program. As unsolved cases are accepted into the program they will be posted on this website.

If you have any information relating to these major unsolved crimes, call toll-free 1-888-710-9090. All calls will be recorded. The amount of the award will be based on the investigative value of the information provided.


Recently added

BEALS, Nelson Tyrelle — Homicide

BROWN, Nathaniel — Homicide

LEFAVE, Zachery — Missing Person

MORRISSEY, Jessie — Missing Person

HUTCHINSON, Deborah Ann — Homicide

STEELE, Michael Gerald — Missing Person

BRADSHAW, Treyvhon — Homicide

MCNUTT, Carson — Missing Person

MARSMAN, Devon Sinclair — Missing Person

LOHNES, Donald Derrick "Donny" — Homicide

MORRISON, Simon — Homicide

MORRIS, Andrew — Homicide

CAIN, Lee'Marion — Homicide

MADORE, Sheila Patricia — Homicide

POLEGATO, Brandon — Homicide

HARRIE, Matthew Simon — Missing Person

BEALS, Joseph "JoJo" — Homicide

DOWNEY, Quintez — Homicide

JESSOP, Ryan James — Missing Person

SMITH, Jason Andrew — Homicide

PETERS, Raymond Floyd — Homicide

MURPHY, Corey William — Homicide

ROSS, Laura — Homicide

LOKENY, Benjamin "Loka" — Homicide

NEHILEY, Ryan — Homicide

BARRON, Tina — Homicide

LYLE, James Alexander "Sandy" — Homicide

SPARKS, Josiah Kaelin — Homicide

JOLLIMORE, Lori Katherine — Homicide

STEVENSON, Donald Jermaine — Homicide

COMEAU, Lynda Anne — Homicide

FORGERON, Edwin Michael Thomas — Homicide

NEWCOMBE, John Fulton — Homicide

CARVERY, Jaumar — Homicide

HALL, Angela — Homicide

YUILL, Elmer — Homicide

WALKER, Rickey — Homicide

IZZARD, Terrance — Homicide

KEIZER, Tyler Ronald Joseph — Homicide

MACKEIGAN, Ian — Missing Person

BAKER, Daniel — Missing Person

CLAYTON, Naricho — Homicide

CAMERON, Joseph — Homicide

DOWNEY, Daverico — Homicide

RICHARDS, Tyler Bradley — Homicide

STEWART, Earle & HEBB, Matthew — Homicide

KIDSTON, Naomi Wendy — Homicide

FARREN, Kevin Sean — Homicide

KELLY, Timothy John — Homicide

MARTIN, Kevin Wesley — Homicide

HULME, Jack and Micheline — Homicide

SIMON, Keya — Homicide

MARRIOTT, Wayne Nicholas — Homicide

NEWMAN, Daniel — Homicide

BOURGEOIS, Glenn — Homicide

CROSS, Nathan Ross — Homicide

HANNAN, David Joseph — Homicide

MARRIOTT, Terry Jr — Homicide

PHALEN, Edward William — Homicide

DOWNEY, Narico Danfue — Homicide

ADAMS, Leon Anthony  — Homicide

ALQUIROS, John Francis  — Homicide

BARKHOUSE, Jason Robert  — Homicide

BOUTILIER, Newton Harold  — Homicide

BOWSER, Kevin James  — Homicide

BOYKO, David Robert  — Homicide

BROOKS, Tanya Jean  — Homicide

BRUSHETT, Gregory Samuel  — Missing Person

CHASE, Raymond Paul  — Homicide

CONNORS, Shelley Denise  — Homicide

CONRAD, Leslie Ann  — Homicide

COOK, Troy  — Missing Person

CROSS, Laura Lee  — Human Remains

DiBENEDETTO, Danny  — Homicide

DOWNEY, Donald Charles  — Homicide

DUBE, Suzanne Elizabeth  — Homicide

FORBES, Bruce Andrew  — Missing Person

GRIFFIN, Vincent Pius  — Homicide

HALL, "Ellen" Giovanna and James Russell "Rustie"  — Double Homicide

HALL, Steven Michael  — Homicide

HAMM, Michael Leonard  — Homicide

HARTRICK, Margaret Elizabeth  — Homicide

HENDERSON, Ronald Jack  — Homicide

JACK, Crystal Dawn  — Suspicious Death

KATNICK, Leslie Anne  — Missing Person

KEATING, Douglas  — Homicide

KEDDY, David Andrew  — Homicide

KEEBLE, Florence Ann  — Homicide

KING, Andrea Lynn  — Homicide

KNICKLE, Helen Diane  — Homicide

LAMROCK, Mary Ann  — Homicide

LOWE, Derek Alan  — Homicide

LUCAS, Kimber Leanne  — Homicide

MacCULLOUGH, Jason Allan  — Homicide

MacDONALD, William Allan  — Homicide

MacQUARRIE, Rachel Joy  — Homicide

MARRIOTT, Richard Joseph and Gail Marie STONE  — Double Homicide

MASSON, Ann Marie  — Homicide

MATHESON, Allan Kenley  — Missing Person

McANDREW, Kimberly Ann  — Missing Person

McLEAN, Christine Marjorie  — Homicide

MYRA, Jean Hilda  — Homicide

OLIVER, Tyrone Layton  — Homicide

OLIVER, Lynn Adel  — Missing Person

PARKS, Judy Geraldine  — Homicide

PETRIE, Kevin James  — Homicide

PEVERILL, Michael Joseph  — Homicide

PURCELL, Leonette Marie  — Missing Person

READER, Jonathan  — Homicide

RESK, Michael Leo  — Homicide

ROGERS, Sadie Mae  — Homicide

SIDDLE, Shane Darrell  — Homicide

SNELGROVE, Donald David  — Homicide

STRICKLAND, Carla Gail  — Homicide

TSOU, Shen Chiu "Andy"  — Missing Person

WILSON, Rhonda Joyce Louise  — Missing Person

WRIGHT, Jerell Aaron  — Homicide

WYATT, Jaime Morey  — Missing Person