Nova Scotia Electronic Health Program

Nova Scotia Electronic Health Program

Nova Scotia is leading the way in creating a consistent, provincial eHealth system. We are sharing information across health authorities to support high quality, timely health services for Nova Scotians.

Through the use of electronic health and medical records, diagnostic image archiving, telehealth, and drug information systems, we can improve health care.  And by implementing systems for managing finances, human resources, and materials, we can better manage health resources.

Just as business and other organizations around the world are benefiting from information technology, health care is as well. The ability to record, store and share patient information securely and quickly saves time and reduces errors -- leading to better health care.

Benefits for Nova Scotians:  Care providers have secure access to important clinical information, such as diagnostic images.  This reduces the need for duplicate testing and can mean more timely treatment. 

Benefits for Health Providers: Providers have access to the right information, at the right time to enable clinical decision-making that supports quality, timely and safe health and wellness decisions.

Benefits for the Health System: A provincial eHealth system provides timely information to support administrative decision-making, accountability and performance monitoring to manage and improve the delivery of health and wellness services.