SHARE Success Stories


SHARE Success Stories

Here is what some healthcare providers are saying about SHARE:

  • Cancer Patient Navigator: “I have easy access to information from Capital Health for Oncology patients, which helps in timely, seamless care without duplications of diagnostic tests and treatment delays.  The time spent in calling and faxing reports is greatly reduced…. The ability to view the diagnostic image has also saved oncologists time in treatment planning.”

  • Emergency Department Head:  “I would highly recommend the SHARE Clinical Portal for Emergency Room Physicians. It is easy to access clinic reports and investigations that have been completed on patients at other health authorities, including Capital Health and IWK.”

  • Emergency Room Ward Clerk: “This will save SO MUCH time.”

  • Hospital Clinic Nurse Practitioner:  “As I see patients from all over Nova Scotia, one struggle has been accessing recent laboratory/imaging results in an efficient, timely manner. With SHARE I can access these results quickly and easily from any computer terminal in my district.”

  • Diagnostic Imaging Department Manager: “SHARE has helped all of our Techs -- especially those in MRI, CT and Ultrasound -- access lab results on patients who had their lab work performed elsewhere.  This has saved valuable time searching for information, and I am certain this has prevented additional samples being drawn and analyzed.”

  • Infection Control Practitioner: “With SHARE, IPAC (Infection Prevention and Control) has the potential of being connected on a universal level. It is a step closer to a transition to a complete digital system.”

  • Hospital Registered Dietitian: “SHARE is an excellent tool which assists us in providing an enhanced continuum of patient care in a more timely and efficient manner.”  

  • Family Practice Physician: “SHARE has been very useful to me.  I am able to see lab results for patients, show them their x-ray and discuss the results with them, something they much appreciated.”


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