Access for Community Pharmacists


SHARE - Access for Community Pharmacists

Community pharmacists, in pharmacies connected to the Drug Information System, are eligible to receive access to patient lab values contained in the provincial Electronic Health Record system, known as SHARE. This access will support the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists’ Standards of Practice: Testing. There is no cost to pharmacies or pharmacists for this access.

Community pharmacies will receive notification from the Department of Health and Wellness regarding the timing of when requests for access to patient lab values may begin.

SHARE access in community pharmacies is limited to pharmacists (i.e., other dispensary staff are not eligible for access) and patient lab values (i.e., other patient information contained in SHARE is not accessible). Also, community pharmacists will be able to access SHARE only from within their community pharmacy.

The following documents and forms will guide pharmacies through the steps required to obtain access and support the information requirements of the Department of Health and Wellness.


The ‘SHARE Access for Lab Values – Community Pharmacy Toolkit’ is intended for use by community pharmacy owners/managers; it will guide pharmacies through the process of obtaining access to patient lab values in SHARE for their pharmacists. The toolkit describes the step-by-step process to be followed, highlights supporting documents and the forms to be completed, and provides additional information about SHARE, the lab values it contains and the training pharmacists will need to complete.

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Supporting Documents

The following documents are referenced and described  in the Toolkit. They are provided to support pharmacies through the access process and pharmacists as they begin to use SHARE.

3.3 - SHARE User Access Request Form – Completion Instructions (To be provided to you)


The following forms are referenced and described in the Toolkit. These forms must be completed and returned to finalize the access process.