Electronic Medical Records and Integrated Solutions – EIS Program


Electronic Medical Records and Integrated Solutions – EIS Program

The Electronic Medical Records and Integrated Solutions (EIS) Program is a digital health program under the Health Information, Performance and Planning division of the Department of Health and Wellness. The EIS Program works incollaboration with certified electronic medical record (EMR) vendors and advisors, within the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA), IWK, Department of Cyber Security and Digital Solutions, Doctors Nova Scotia and Tajikeimɨk to support EMR users, and integrated solutions for primary care and community-based specialist care.

The EIS Program is supported by a governance framework established to provide a network of supports to achieve the program's objectives:

  • the EIS Program Strategic Advisory Committee is made up of key stakeholders from DHW, NSH, IWK, DNS and Tajikeimɨk and meets quarterly (or more frequently as needed) to review incidents or current initiatives and to plan strategic priorities
  • the User Advisory Group is engaged as needed to gain feedback on of issues related to the use of EMRs and their integrated solutions
  • the EIS Program Team meets with certified EMR vendors for oversight and to support certification

The EIS Program oversees the certification and services of EMRs and integrated solutions with a focus on:

  • holding vendors accountable, ensuring they meet provincial certification requirements and services expected of vendors of certified EMRs
  • advancing provincial priorities for delivery through EMRs and integrated solutions vetted through the EIS Strategic Advisory Committee
  • ensuring users of EMR and Integrated Solutions are engaged on strategic changes and have a path for escalation of issues with certified EMRs and integrated solutions when required
  • supporting in person and virtual care through the effective adoption of functionality available in approved EMRs and integrated solutions
  • improving access and continuity of healthcare for primary care providers and community-based specialists through integration of certified EMRs with required systems and tools in Nova Scotia​ (like e-results or Panorama)
  • assessing the privacy and security of certified EMRs and integrated solutions
  • communicating mitigations for identified risks to custodian representatives to share with EMR and integrated solutions user
  • introducing compliance processes as required to ensure essential health system and patient data is captured in accordance with standards
  • optimizing collection of health system use of data to enable performance outcomes measurement

If you have questions about EMR and integrated solutions, contact  emrcertification@novascotia.ca.