SHARE, Secure Health Access Record


SHARE, Secure Health Access Record

In Nova Scotia, patient records can be kept in hospitals, family doctors and specialists, pharmacies, laboratories, diagnostic imaging units, and public health units . Most of these records are now kept electronically, although some doctors still use paper files. 

SHARE brings many of these records together into one electronic health record for every Nova Scotian, available to authorized healthcare providers.  This sharing of health records helps provide better care, faster treatment, and improved access to information and services.

Currently, the Nova Scotia Electronic Health Record (SHARE) includes information about admissions, discharges, and transfers from provincial hospital systems. It also includes results for lab tests and diagnostic imaging, such as X-rays or MRIs, as well as access to the images.  And it includes many important clinical reports for patients, such as discharge summaries.  

Over time, information will be added from other parts of the health system, including pharmacies, public health services, primary healthcare, cancer care, and addiction services -- giving a more complete history of each person’s health care.
More and more providers are being set up for access to SHARE. When you update information like your address with one healthcare provider, your Electronic Health Record will be updated.

Each time a patient receives care, has a test, or meets with a doctor in a hospital clinic, information is added to the electronic health record. Over time, the information collected is becoming more complete, improving diagnosis, and treatment. Patients have less stress, discomfort and inconvenience that can result from duplicate testing. 

Health professionals within the system are able to work more efficiently when they are able to access information, such as test results, more quickly. They can access patient health information where and when they need it, no matter where in the province that care was provided.  As an example, this contributes to less duplication of diagnostic testing which could improve wait times.

Overall, SHARE helps improve the delivery and quality of patient care in Nova Scotia, as well as efficiency and cost effectiveness within the system.

Note:  An authorized healthcare provider is a health professional, such as a nurse, doctor, midwife, nurse practitioner, or other healthcare professions, and their authorized support staff.  


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