Access to the Drug Information System through SHARE


SHARE - Access to the Drug Information System through SHARE

The SHARE Clinical Portal is a view-only portal to information contained in the Provincial electronic health record system known as SHARE. The Drug Information System is a component of SHARE; patient medication profiles are included in SHARE’s clinical repository of patient information.

Users of this portal will only be able to view their patients’ medication profiles – this portal cannot be used to add or update information and e-Prescribe. Users will access their patients’ medication profiles through a new ‘Community Med Profile’ tab.

Depending on their role, users may have access through this portal to other types of patient information contained in SHARE such as lab values, diagnostic imaging  and other types of clinical reports. [Note: The Drug Information System Portal will have access to patient medication profiles only.]

Access to DIS through the SHARE Clinical Portal will be used by clinical staff and administrative support staff as appropriate in hospital and in the community.