Education & Training Materials


Drug Information System - SHARE Clinical Portal Education and Training Materials

This section describes the training requirements for users of the SHARE Clinical Portal.

Training Modules

All users receiving access to the SHARE Clinical Portal must complete the following online training modules prior to receiving their SHARE User ID. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete both modules. Users will be directed to the online location of the training modules.

  • Privacy Zone - contains important information regarding the privacy of personal health information
  • Fast Track - contains 'the basics' for using SHARE, including a functionality overview and basic patient search and system navigation information

  • Note: Completion of the training modules is monitored by the Department of Health and Wellness. SHARE User IDs will not be issued if the training modules are not completed.

Introduction to the SHARE Clinical Portal

All users must complete the Introduction to the SHARE Clinical Portal when they receive their SHARE User ID. This online step-by-step introduction will walk users through their first logon, first patient search and first viewing of the Community Med Profile tab where the patient's medication profile contained in the Drug Information System is displayed. It will also help to ensure their user set up is correct and provide valuable tips for using SHARE. Users will be directed to the online location of this document.

Community Med Tab – DIS Users Guide
Users that are accessing the DIS must also review the DIS Users Guide prior to accessing the DIS Portal.  The guide provides key information on:

  • Getting Help
  • Privacy & Consent
  • Logging on to the DIS Portal
  • Masking
  • Navigation and screen functions
  • Portal Fundamentals

SHARE Community Med Profile

Description: The following video provides a brief overview of how to access the Drug Information System through SHARE, as well as the functionality and content of the DIS.

Reference Materials

Note: Users will be directed to the online location of these reference materials.

Community Med Profile Brochure
This pocket guide provides users with quick hints and tips for using the Community Med Profile Tab; users are encouraged to read and be familiar with this guide. While available online, it is recommended that copies be printed and made available at user work stations.