Information for Pharmacies


Drug Information System - Technical Support

Technical support for the Drug Information System is provided by the following.

  • Your pharmacy’s Service Desk (if applicable)
  • Your Pharmacy System Vendor (the vendor of the software used in the dispensary)

If you are experiencing an issue with the Drug Information System, contact:

  1. Your pharmacy’s Service Desk (if applicable)
  2. Your Pharmacy System Vendor (if your organization does not have a Service Desk)

These groups will work to resolve your issues and will contact Drug Information System Support on your behalf if required. Your pharmacy will never contact the Drug Information System Support Team directly.

Note: if it is suspected that a patient’s privacy has been breached, your pharmacy is to contact the Department of Health and Wellness – Privacy and Access Office at 1-855-640-4765.

The following Drug Information System Support: Getting Help guide will provide you with more detail.

To update Pharmacy Contact Information, submit the Pharmacy Contact Information Change Request Form (PDF)

If you’re working in a pharmacy connected to the Drug Information System, more information can also be found on the Drug Information System Support Team’s website