Information for Health Care Providers


Drug Information System - Information for Healthcare Providers

The Drug Information System (DIS) is a province-wide system that provides authorized healthcare professionals with access to a comprehensive medication profile for their patients.

Government introduced the system through 2 phases.

Phase 1: Connecting community pharmacies

Community pharmacies began connecting to the Drug Information System in the fall of 2013, accessing the system through their pharmacy software system. To comply with the Pharmacy Act, all community pharmacies were required to connect to the Drug Information System by November 2016.

Phase 2: Access in hospitals and in the community

Other authorized healthcare providers in the community and in hospital like physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, RN prescribers, dentists and optometrists started using the Drug Information System in the summer of 2015. Depending on their role, authorized healthcare providers will access the system through either the Drug Information System Portal or the SHARE Clinical Portal.

Authorized healthcare providers can view medication profiles and add information to them or update existing information; prescribers can also e-prescribe.